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Origin Coffee Roasting - Rwanda Coffee Beans

Origin Coffee Roasting - Rwanda Gisheke Natural (Competition Coffee)

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Over the years we've come to expect only the best in Rwandan coffee from our friends at Origin Coffee Roasting. In cooperation with their sourcing partner, they've shared many a delicious example of the small producer's best crops. Rwandan coffee is often sought after because it's reliably flavourful and balanced. The country only tends to export fully washed Red Bourbon coffees, typically with jammy flavours and plenty of sweetness and body.

This Rwandan is particularly exciting for two important reasons. Firstly, it is actually naturally processed, meaning that the coffee was dried in its cherry, in the traditional fashion. This is quite unusual as Rwanda rarely exports coffees processed in this method, and it adds a different character to its flavour.

Secondly, this particular coffee was used by Neil Gouws, Origin's Head Barista to compete at the South African Barista Championship (2019). He won third place overall, as well as best espresso using this coffee.

While those credentials on their own might be enough to entice you to try it, its flavour profile speaks for itself. Like many of its compatriots it has some bright fruity flavours, a jammy quality and plenty of sweetness and body, but the particular tasting notes are just that little bit different. The acidity is surprisingly wine-like, particularly for a natural coffee. Rather than the typical berry flavours, we found pleasantly tart notes that reminded us of dark plum skin or sour cherries in most cups. It's sensational as a pour-over, and it should be no surprise that it makes a great espresso. We'd encourage you to try a bag while you can!

Roaster's notes

  • Flavour: Red Wine, Orange Marmalade, Litchi
  • Body: Round, Heavy
  • Roast: Light-medium
  • Acidity: Winey, Approachable
  • At its Best: Espresso, Pour-over, Aeropress

Coffee details

  • Owner: Muraho Trading Company
  • Varietals: 100% Red Bourbon
  • Processing:  Natural
  • Altitude: 1,650 to 1,850 masl
  • Region: Nyamasheke District, Western Province
  • Country: Rwanda