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Portland Project, Rock & Roller - Ethiopia Bench Maji Geisha

Portland Project Ltd Release - Ethiopia Bench Maji Geisha

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There is so much to get excited about in this limited release from The Portland Project. A Geisha from the variety's origin, a competition-winning coffee and a collaboration between two of South Africa's coffee heavyweights, this coffee certainly has some impressive credentials. You can read a bit more about those credentials below, but all that aside, this coffee's flavour alone is reason enough to try it.

Because of its natural processing, the coffee has a creamy, luxurious body which manages to be elegant and yet full. Still, it has a surprisingly pronounced and pleasant acidity which reminds us of citrus fruits and particularly orange. Its aromas are full of floral & fruity notes and you'll find lots of delicious, sweet berry flavours on the palate. While you should try this coffee every way you can, we'd highly recommend it in a siphon or espresso!

A Geisha from its origins

Many coffee lovers, ourselves included, are enamoured with the Geisha variety. While it's difficult to grow and only recently emerged from obscurity, its incredible floral & aromatic characteristics make for especially delicious coffee. It may have been Panamanian farmers that made it famous, but it is actually named after the town near where this coffee comes from, so this is an opportunity try a Geisha from its birthplace.

A coffee collaboration - Portland Project / Rock & Roller

This coffee is actually the product of a collaboration between Wayne Oberholzer, founder of The Portland Project & Gerald Charles of Rock & Roller coffee. While many of our customers have gotten to know Portland recently, lots of South African coffee lovers will also know of Gerald's work. He has ranked among the top 10 coffee roasters in the world in competition and was recently featured on the cover of The Coffee Mag, making this coffee a unique opportunity to experience the combined work of one of the country's great baristas and one of its great roasters.

A competition winning coffee

Since the launch of this coffee on CCB, Wayne, the owner of The Portland Project, has taken it to competition and won both the Western Cape Regional and the National Barista Championships. He also managed to win the separate category of best espresso at both events using this very special coffee!

Wayne Oberholzer At Western Cape Barista Championship

Coffee details

The Bench Maji region lies in the South West part of Ethiopia and is where the Bebeka plantation can be found. The production from Bebeka is less well known on the world market than other Ethiopian coffees. Of the total land area of 10,030 hectares under Bebeka, more than half (over 5,556 hectare), is covered with modern Arabica Coffee plantations. Blessed with ideal precipitation, as well as the luring fertility of the land and its rich agro-ecology, all the coffee trees are grown under shade. These factors combined are known to improve coffee quality significantly, giving the beans a unique aroma, flavour, acidity and body.

This indigenous Geisha offering comes from the privately owned Bebeka Coffee Estate Share Co. and grows under the shade of a pristine forest. The Geisha town, which as the name indicates, is known to be the origin of this variety, is located within the Bench Maji zone that is at a close proximity to Bebeka. The Estate also runs a bee keeping scheme to enhance pollination of its coffee trees using over 500 beehives, thereby producing and supplying high quality organic honey from the natural vegetation within its premises.

  • Roaster tasting notes: Berries, Blood Orange, Cocoa Butter
  • Region: Bench Maji
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Variety: Indigenous Geisha
  • Processing: Natural
  • Altitude: 950 to 1,285 masl
  • Harvest Period: August to December