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Quaffee Coffee Bean Box

Quaffee - Brazil Fazenda Pântano

R 85.00

We generally have fresh bags of this coffee in stock, allowing us to dispatch within 1-2 working days of order. Please note you might need to wait a little longer if we run out.

Please understand that if you buy green / unroasted coffee that it will need to be roasted before it can be ground or brewed. The unroasted coffee is labelled as such in the Bag Size drop down menu.

Brazil is the world's largest coffee-exporting country. Although a large portion of the coffee produced in Brazil is commodity grade, we are seeing an increasing focus on quality and sustainability in the country, particularly in recent years. Brazilian coffees are hugely popular due to their full-bodied yet simple flavour profiles. Typically boasting a rich and creamy body, with lots of chocolate and nutty flavours, Brazilian coffees are a great option for the discerning coffee drinker who wants a simple every day drinking coffee.

This Brazilian single-origin coffee comes from a farm that is pioneering both quality and sustainability in Brazil. Fazenda Pântano, named after the swamps that it neighbours, is a sustainable farm that includes natural forest reserves as well as other crops. Their commitment to protecting the local forest lands and dedication sustainability within the coffee industry in their region has earned them the sustainable farming award from the prestigious Globo Rural agricultural magazine.

Fazenda Pântano has worked closely with the Brazilian Coffee institute with an intense focus on coffee processing and flavour. With over 148 varieties on their farm and constant experimentation with coffee processing, the results of this relationship really speak for themselves.

Phaedon's tasting notes

We like to spend a bit of time with a coffee to really get to know it before publishing our tasting notes. Be sure to check back here soon if you are curious. 

Roaster's notes

About Expocaccer: Quaffee visited Expocaccer when they went to Brazil in 2016. Expocaccer is a collaboration of over 500 farmers, driven to identify specialty grade coffees from all farm members.

Prior to Expocaccer all lots were mixed and sold to the large cooperative. Now coffee lots are separated, and those that cup at 83 or more, are then offered as specialty lots.

  • Taste Profile: Nuts and fruit with a medium mouthfeel
  • Roast used: Medium charge with a gently decreasing ramp rate, until first crack when the flame is reduced allowing for 55 sec development time
  • Quaffee brews:
    • Espresso: 1:1.9
    • AeroPress: 18g:200g 
    • Plunger: 40g:600g
    • Pour-over/filter: 20g:300g Coffee details

Coffee details

  • Farm: Fazenda Pântano
  • Region: Coromande, Minas Gerais
  • Country: Brazil
  • Processing: Natural, dried in sun on Patios
  • Crop: 2019
  • Variety: Arabica: Mundo Novo
  • Altitude: 1050 masl

Transparency Information

  • Sourced from: Expocaccer via Marunic Trading
  • Cupping score: 84.5
  • Producer/Organisation: Jorge Fernando Naimeg e Outros / Expocaccer
  • Lot size: we are hoping to take 8 x 60kg bags
  • Relationship: Our relationship with Expocaccer goes back to 2015, originally via Falcon Specialty, now through Marunic Trading