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Quaffee - Colombia Quebradon

Quaffee - Colombia Quebradon

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Our friends at Quaffee are known for their Colombians. They're the only speciality roaster in South Africa (as far as we know) that offers a range of top quality coffees from Colombia all year around. They even have a delicious blend comprised entirely of Colombian coffee from different regions.

With all this speciality Colombian experience, when Quaffee finds a brand new Colombian that they feel is worth adding to their range, one can't help but take notice. Quebradon is the newest addition to the wonderful selection of coffees from this celebrated coffee-producing country, and it is unquestionably of the same high standard, yet quite different in flavour.

Deep, dark & purple probably best sums the profile of this coffee up. We found notes like blackcurrant, blackberry, dark cherry & plum, particularly in our plunger, Aeropress & pour-over brews - that perfect balance between sweet & tart, with plenty of body. For a whole new Colombian experience, you must try Quebradon!

Roaster's notes

  • Roast used: What we call a bump and kick, intense heat with a levelling off to promote exothermic heat. Then intense heat into first crack, where we drop to coffee.
  • Prime Attributes: Butterscotch, brown spice and berry - hint of red apple.

Coffee details

  • Region: Palestina, Huila
  • Country: Colombia
  • Producer(s): 20 small scale coffee growers
  • Processing: Fully washed and sun dried on parabolic driers at each producer
  • Harvest: 2015 – 2016 – We tasted this coffee in April, it landed in Cape Town end October 2016
  • Variety: Arabica (Caturra – 40%, Colombia, Typica, Castillo)
  • Shade: Semi-shade grown
  • Altitude: 1,650 - 1,850 masl
  • Bag type: 70kg GrainPro