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Quaffee Box 2 - Medium & Balanced

Quaffee - Guatemala Juan Pablo Guerra (Santa Teresita Farm)

R 105

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This is an extremely surprising Gautemalan single origin from our friends at Quaffee. Regardless of your brew method, you're likely to notice typical Guatemalan characteristics on your first sip or two: some hazelnuts, some chocolate and of course plenty of body. However, as you let it cool and savour your cup, you'll see that it has a lot more going on.

The panoply of flavours is only enhanced by this coffee's versatility. We found some interesting citrus notes in most brew methods, but in a plunger, we also found hints of honey, in a pour-over, some cardamom-like spiciness came through, and in an Aeropress, there was a wonderful stewed fruit sweetness. If you've got a few different manual brew methods at your disposal, we'd highly recommend you explore what this coffee has to offer!

Roaster's notes

  • Taste Profile: Honey like sweetness with grapefruit acidity with caramel and chocolate notes

Coffee details

  • Farm: Finca Santa Teresita (8 Hectares)
  • Region: Camotán, Chiquimula
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Processing: 40% of the production if fully washed. Rest sold as cherry. Dried on raised African beds.
  • Species/Varietal: Catuai, Pacamara, Anacaf14
  • Shade: Banana, Cedro, Laurel, and Cipres
  • Preparation: SHB EP (Screen 15+), SCAA Specialty Grade