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Quaffee Half Decaf Coffee Bean Blend

Quaffee - Half Decaf Blend

R 103

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A brilliant idea is even better when it's brilliantly executed and this blend has won us over both from a concept and a taste perspective. Lots of coffee drinkers don't like decaf but still could use a little less caffeine, so our friends at Quaffee had the brilliant idea to create a blend that was only half decaf.

Specifically, this blend combines the (very delicious in its own right) Colombia La Serrania Natural Decaf with some Ethiopia Limu. The result is incredibly tasty and pleasant to drink. It has a light-medium body with a delicate, but not overpowering, acidity. Various flavours seem to shine through, from savoury notes, like tomato soup, to soft fruity notes, like apricots.

If you're looking for a pleasant cup of coffee to have in the evening that still has a bit of kick, you should definitely try this one!