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Quaffee Coffee Bean Box

Quaffee - Kenya Kahungo Peaberry

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Kenya is one of the real heavyweight producers in African coffee. It has earned its reputation due to great quality as well as a sophisticated cooperative system assisting with processing, grading & sorting. This particular Kenyan is a Peaberry - the naturally occurring rounder coffee beans that grow alone in about 5% of coffee cherries. Some consider this type of coffee bean to be the best, which is why Peaberry lots are particularly prized. They tend to have more muted acidities, compared to their often tart AA compatriots.

This particular Peaberry is bursting with brown sugar and syrupy stone fruit flavours. Sweet, full-bodied and with a well-integrated (not overpowering) acidity, it manages to be both a coffee you'd want to drink every day, as well as one that will provide some intrigue in the cup. We loved it in every type of pour-over, where occasionally we'd also find a hint of candied lemon to accompany those stone fruit flavours. We also really enjoyed it in a siphon.

Roaster's notes

  • Roast used: Medium charge, low heat to start then intense heat into airflow change where heat is reduced until browning when it is then accelerated into first crack then dropped within a minute after first crack
  • Intensity/prime attribute: Fruit and caramelised brown sugar with buttery body

Coffee details

  • Region: Nyambene Hills on the eastern slope of Mt Kenya
  • Country: Kenya
  • Farmers: Approximately 500 small-holding farmers
  • Varieties: 100% Arabica Peaberry grade of SL28 and some Ruiru 11
  • Altitude: 1,280 - 1,920 masl
  • Soil: Deep red volcanic soil, rich in organic matter
  • Harvest: March/April (early crop) Nov-Dec (main crop) - This one is the 2016 crop
  • Processing: Wet mill pulping, fermentation and sun drying on raised tables
  • Bag type: Hessian with GrainPro inside