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Quaffee Box

Quaffee - Nicaragua Finca Idealista Anaerobic Nanolot

R 165.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans several times per week. Please allow up to 2-3 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

This is a spectacularly and deliciously unusual coffee. Its flavours are quite different from anything we've tasted before, and this may be in part due to the experimental processing method employed. Specifically, it underwent an extended anaerobic fermentation which pioneers are speculating will have a big impact on the acidity of coffees.

Regardless of the specific factors driving the flavour, there is no question that this lot is very unique in the cup. Nicaragua is an up and coming speciality coffee origin (actually a resurgent one) but we've never tasted a Nicaraguan quite like this. While it may have some of the more typical nutty notes, it's also bursting with syrupy sweetness, tangy acidity and a flavour note that reminded us of jalapeno! You'll also find some subtle hints of orange and apple. The combined effect is almost like a South East Asian savoury dish. You're going to have to taste it to believe us.

Our friends at Quaffee have provided a versatile and masterful roast, and we enjoyed this coffee as much in the cupping bowl as in a V60, Aeropress or French press. We'd recommend buying a bag and brewing it every which way you can. Suspend any prior notions of what Central American coffee should taste like - this one is different!

Roaster's notes

  • Taste Profile:  four and a bit star complexity coffee, sweet and juicy with mandarin / apricot and raw almond undertones.
  • Roast Used: A medium charge is used allowing the coffee to turn naturally. Then intense flame is added, until around 350F / 180C, where it is leveled off to extend the development time to 40 seconds after first crack so the sugars are fully developed.

Coffee details

  • Farm: Finca Idealista
  • Town: Matagalpa
  • Region: Jinotega
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Altitude: 1,200 masl
  • Processing: Anaerobic fermentation 55 hours. Solar dried on raised beds.
  • Species/Variety: Arabica - Pacas & Caturra
  • Harvest: Feb 2018
  • Packaging: GrainPro in hessian