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Quaffee Coffee Bean Box

Quaffee - South Africa Mpenjati Catuai

R 150.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans several times per week. Please allow up to 2-3 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

It was only a few months ago that we were very excited to announce our first lot from Mpenjati in KZN, roasted by our friends at Quaffee. This was actually the very first South African coffee we have ever made available to our customers.

This wasn't for lack of desire, of course. The trouble is that there isn't much coffee, let alone great coffee, grown in South Africa. Conventional wisdom would say that the climate isn't suited to coffee cultivation, but local timber-farmers turned coffee growers, Desmond and Leigh Wichmann, are challenging the conventional wisdom.

This coffee, like its predecessor, is grown on the banks of the Mpenjati River in KZN at 100 metres above sea level (masl). Most high-quality Arabica is grown at altitudes greater than 1,000 masl, so this is definitely a convention-busting coffee. Some purists might argue that you can't produce great Arabica so close to sea level, but the coffee world has started asking an important question: is it the altitude that matters, or is it the climates that one finds at high altitude that help to produce excellent Arabica?

Small projects in other parts of the world, including one notable one in California, have started to demonstrate that latitude and other geographical and climatic factors may compensate for lower altitudes. We're happy to have a local farm demonstrating the very same thing.

Grown on the banks of the Mpenjati River in KZN and roasted by Quaffee in Cape Town, this coffee is truly 100% local. That makes it quite a unique tasting opportunity, one that we would highly recommend you take advantage of while you can.

About this pair of Mpenjati coffee lots

As if the opportunity to taste a locally-grown, locally-roasted, low-altitude coffee wasn't exciting enough, this year's Mpenjati release from Quaffee has something even more special to offer. The coffee is available both in a washed process and a honey process. Both lots are 100% Cataui, offering an amazing tasting opportunity for all those who are interested in exploring the impact of processing on flavour, all while supporting a budding South African specialty coffee growing industry.

Quaffee's notes on the washed process

  • Characteristics: 4-star complexity with black cherry and pineapple to start with a maple syrup sweetness and peanut finish with a hint of brown spice.
  • Roast used: A straight ROR into first. Higher charge to ensure we shorten the drying stage (the coffee is low in moisture). Heat sustained into drying, reduced, and then acceleration into browning and through first.

Quaffee's notes on the honey process

  • Characteristics: 4-star complexity coffee with cherry fruit, and lingering peanut.
  • Roast used: A bump and straighten. Heat into drying, reduced, and then acceleration into browning, where we ease off to rely on radiant heat through first.

Quaffee's brews (both processes)

  • Espresso: 1:2.2 (24s) | 1:2.4 (28sec)
  • AeroPress: 16g/17g:180g
  • Plunger: 24g:400g
  • Pour-over / filter: 18/20g:300g

    Coffee details

    • Farm: Mpenjati coffee
    • Producers: Desmond and Leigh Wichmann
    • Region: Southern KZN
    • Country: South Africa
    • Variety: Arabica Catuai
    • Altitude: 100 masl
    • Honey processing: Honey process coffee, with regular agitation and sun-dried on African raised beds for two weeks
    • Washed processing: Washed and sun-dried on African raised beds for two weeks

    Quaffee's transparency information

    • Sourced from: Mpenjati Coffee
    • Farmgate price: R159.55 / kg – including logistics.
    • Cupping score: 82.5 (Washed); 83.25 (yellow honey)
    • Producers: Desmond and Leigh Wichmann
    • Lot size bought: 2x15kg Honey, 2x15kg Washed
    • Relationship: This is our second order from this producer