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Rancilio Silvia With Rocky & Stainless Steel Drawer Base

Rancilio Home Espresso Bundle

R 14,495.00

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For almost two decades, the Rancilio Silvia has been the world's favourite espresso machine for home. Simple, robust, compact, but with commercial grade parts and specifications, it's the perfect machine for the home barista who is serious about their espresso. With practice and a little care and attention, you can produce exquisite shots and milk-based coffee drinks with this little machine.

Now in its fifth generation, the Silvia is as popular as ever thanks to its tried and tested design. It's been joined by the Rocky, a companion espresso grinder which similarly offers professional quality in a simple package for home. We're excited to make this special bundle available to our customers, including the Silvia, the Rocky and a counter-saving set of knock box stainless steel drawers that also acts as a stand (in the Deluxe version of the bundle).

Rancilio's equipment really is incredible value for passionate home baristas who want to tackle the technical but rewarding task of proper espresso extraction.

Included in the Rancilio Home Espresso Bundle

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