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Ratio Six Filter Coffee Machine Black Angle

Ratio Six Filter Coffee Machine

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Ratio was founded by Mark Hellweg, a coffee lover frustrated by the unnecessary tradeoffs that buyers of coffee makers had to make. Either you had to prioritise quality over simplicity, or you had to prioritise convenience over quality. Mark didn't want to make either compromise. He founded Ratio "to create a solution that married beauty, simplicity, and quality into a single experience." The Ratio Six filter coffee maker does just that.

About the Ratio Six filter coffee machine

The Ratio Six is Ratio's newest batch brewer, and it really strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and simplicity. Its aim is to help everyone enjoy world-class coffee, with one-button simplicity. They call it "convenience without compromise."

The Ratio Six coffee maker is designed to simulate pour-over brewing, including precise temperature control, wide dispersion of water, pulse pouring and the all-important bloom phase where the coffee is pre-wet and allowed to de-gas before the brewing process continues. However, the Ratio Six makes all of this pretty simple; you just push one button and it takes care of the whole process. It takes care of this process so well, in fact, that it has earned The Specialty Coffee Association's seal of approval.

Designed in Portland, Oregon, the Ratio Six is basically built to let you focus on buying the right coffee. Fill the water tank, and grind it fresh, and it will help you make sure your coffee is tasting its best.

Please note that the version of the Ratio Six we have available uses wedge-shaped 1x4 filters which are available at our store and on our site, but also available at most grocery stores around the country. You may spot versions online that use flat-bottomed filters, but that is not the version locally available.

Ratio Six Coffee Maker features

  • Optimized shower head to maximise saturation of coffee
  • Double wall thermal carafe in stainless steel
  • One button simplicity
  • Blooming phase
  • Pulse pouring to simulate pour-over
  • SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) approved
  • Comes with optional heat shield for maximum temperature retention
  • Made with premium materials
  • Comes with 100 1x4 filters

Ratio Six Coffee Maker specifications

  • Dimensions: D 34.3 x W 17.1 x H 36.2 cm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Power: 1400W
  • Materials:
    • Stainless steel body
    • BPA-free copolymer water tank
    • Borosilicate glass water lines
    • Aluminium heating element
    • Plastic basket, handles, and finishes
  • Capacity: Brews up to 1.2L
  • Uses 1x4 paper filters

Caring for your Ratio Six

We recommend cleaning your Ratio Six regularly using Caffenu Universal Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets.

It is always recommended to use filtered water to improve the taste of your brews and also protect your machine from limescale. The BWT Penguin 2.7L Magnesium Mineraliser Water Filter Jug will help you do just that.