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Rhinowares Travel Case

Rhinowares Travel Case

R 199.00

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Many passionate coffee lovers take their brewing gear with them when they travel, rather than taking the risk of having to drink terrible coffee at their destination! The Aeropress Coffee Maker has become a particularly popular choice for those road warriors as it's not only very portable but also very durable.

Rhinowares make the ideal grinding companion to the Aeropress for travel in the Rhinowares Compact Coffee Grinder which also comes with an Aeropress adaptor. They now also make this very handy travel bag, to help with transporting your coffee maker, grinder and accessories.

Made of neoprene, with a heavy duty zipper, this case should prove as rugged as the items it's designed to transport. It perfectly fits an Aeropress, compact grinder and the relevant accessories.

Rhinowares Travel Case Dimensions

  • H: 82mm
  • W: 137mm
  • D: 237mm