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Rosetta Roastery Colombia Julio Cesar Natural

Rosetta Roastery - Colombia Julio Cesar Natural

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We tend to love pretty much all of the coffees that Rosetta Roastery releases, but there are certain origins that they really seem to excel at from both a sourcing and roasting perspective. Colombia is definitely one of them. They quip that it's a bit like the Kenya of the Americas. Whether it is or it isn't, we certainly tend to enjoy their Colombian coffees as much as their Kenyans!

This coffee is quite a special release. It is actually Rosetta's first natural Colombian coffee ever! Natural or dry processing is the more traditional method used to remove the coffee seed from the coffee cherry. That is perhaps why it is less common in Colombia where coffee production tends to be quite sophisticated and modernised. Nevertheless, natural processing is coming back into favour around the specialty coffee world, and it should be very interesting to taste a natural-processed coffee from one of the world's most respected coffee-producing countries.

In the natural process, the cherry is left to dry until it reaches a desirable moisture content before the seed is removed from the fruit. When done well, naturals tend to have deliciously fruity and fermented flavours thanks to the longer contact time between fruit and seed. With the meticulous processing Julio Cesar carries out at his farm and the standard that Rosetta has gotten us used to, we are very excited to try this coffee!

Phaedon's tasting notes

Every season, Rosetta has at least one coffee (and often more) that completely knock my socks off. This is definitely one of them. I haven't tasted many Colombian naturals, but if they're all like this, I'm definitely keen to taste more.

In some cups I found this coffee insanely tropical in flavour. I taste pineapple. I kid you not. I'm not actually sure if I've had that flavour note in a coffee before. In other cups I found a boozy flavour combined with some stone fruit notes. It made me think of peach schnapps.

This coffee was lovely in all kinds of manual brew methods for me, but particularly in all kinds of pour-overs (and batch brew) as well as French press and AeroPress. Don't miss out on the chance to try it!

Rosetta's notes

Style: Progressive | Juicy acidity, barrel-aged liquor, rich cacao

A few years ago, Julio Cesar Montenegro began discussions with Morten Munchow, Founder of CoffeeMind, coffee roasting academy, about beginning production of naturally processed coffees on his farm and we are privileged to have our hands on one of these natural lots.

Julio’s well-established picking protocols and focus on maximising ventilation when drying his coffee on raised beds all add to this complex, layered cup.

This coffee is very process-driven with flavours of whiskey, cacao, tropical fruit with balanced acidity. These dense Colombian beans can still take quite a bit of heat but we approach the ramp time of this profile a little more gently, giving their 'natural' processing.

Coffee details

For a long time, The FNC (National Federation of Coffee Growers) has had a significant influence on Colombian coffee production with a sole focus on high-quality, washed varieties like Caturra and Castillo for the mainstream, international market.

However, Colombia’s existing infrastructure now puts coffee producers in a great place to experiment with more unique approaches to processing with less concern around any potential issues with the crop, learning that the risk was not as great as they had initially perceived.

Increased international travel to Colombia and access to information from different markets has allowed farmers to draw inspiration for the emerging coffee trends around the world. We’ve heard one farming collective describe this explosion of exotic cultivars, high-scoring coffees and experimental processing methods as the ‘Colombian Coffee Revolution’.

Producers such as Julio have more opportunities for higher earnings based on quality and flavour profiles with the specialty coffee movement focused very much on diversification.

  • Altitude: 1900m ASL
  • Processing: Natural
  • Variety: Castillo and Caturra
  • Harvest: 2020
  • Region: Chachagui, Nariño, Colombia
  • Country: Colombia
  • Producer:Julio Cesar Montenegro at Casa Vieja