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Rosetta Roastery Ethiopia Suke Quto Coffee Beans

Rosetta Roastery - Ethiopia Suke Quto

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For as long as we've worked with them, Rosetta Roastery have always had stunning coffees to offer from Ethiopia. There have been so many memorable examples over the years and they have all been delicious. Things have changed a little though. Back in the day when we were just getting started, it was all about the Yirgacheffes, but thanks to the recent liberalisation of the Ethiopian coffee market, coffees from the Guji region are starting to steal a little bit of Yirgacheffe's limelight.

Guji offers the perfect combination of climate, elevation and rich soils, allowing it to produce coffees just as spectacular as those that come from the more celebrated Yirgacheffe. They also have many similar characteristics: delicate bodies, floral and tea-like notes, stone & citrus fruit flavours. Still, they are also subtly different.

Phaedon's tasting notes

This is a subtle coffee. Don't expect any loud flavours or head-scratching, esoteric flavour notes. This one is more about the simple pleasures. Easy to drink, understated and broadly appealing, I enjoyed it most in a moka pot and a siphon.

Rosetta's notes

Style: Progressive
Flavour: Floral & Juicy, Bergamot, Peach Ice Tea

These tend to be lighter bodied coffees, that forefront flavour nuances inherent to the specific bean. These coffees tend to have natural sweetness and distinctive aromatic properties. As a general guide, they'll be great brewed using any filter method. We'd recommend trying them black.

Ethiopian coffee beans, celebrated for their unique heirloom strains, are typically smaller and denser than most varieties. To coax out their full potential, a high charge temperature and sustained high flame are crucial. We keep the overall roast profile and development time short to retain this coffee's vibrant character.

The result is a delightfully sweet cup overflowing with the essence of stone fruit. Notes of citrus accompanied by a clean, fruit-tea finish make this exquisite lot the perfect choice for filter coffee enthusiasts.

Coffee details from Rosetta

Tesfaye Bekele, a name synonymous with the transformation of coffee production in the Guji region, is a true visionary. Growing up in a family of coffee producers, his journey was initially marked by hesitancy knowing the challenges ahead, but fueled to continue by an enduring passion for coffee.

During Guji's bushfire crisis, Tesfaye took charge of restoring the scarred landscape by planting coffee trees, envisioning a more sustainable future. Despite initial doubts from the community, Tesfaye's resilience prevailed. Through government funding, he established a coffee seedling nursery. He left his government job and became a successful farmer himself which began to inspire others. More than just a farmer; he's a leader in eco-friendly coffee production and collaboration. He works with outgrowers, employs seasonal workers, and prioritises organic practices.

  • Producers: Tesfaye Bekele of Suke Quoto Farm
  • Region: Shakisso, Guji Zone, Oromia
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1800m - 2200m asl
  • Processing: Washed
  • Variety: Kurume, Welicho
  • Harvest: 2022

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