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Rosetta Roastery Frinsa Anaerobic #2

Rosetta Roastery - Indonesia Frinsa Anaerobic #2

R 210.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans twice per week. Please allow up to 3-4 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

Our friends at Rosetta Roastery have a long history of sourcing and perfectly roasting top quality Indonesian coffees. Recently they've worked closely with Frinsa Estate on the famous island of Java, where Wildan Mustofa and his family are pushing the envelope in terms of production and processing.

Their collective work has given rise many interesting lots to try over the last couple of years, but it may not be overstating it to say that this may be one of the most interesting for the adventurous coffee lover. The coffee was processed using an anaerobic fermentation with lactic acid, yielding a particularly unique flavour profile which has to be tasted to be believed.

The coffees from Frinsa Estate are comprised almost entirely of Sigarar Utang, a relatively new variety which is the product of a natural mutation. Combined with the adventures in coffee processing mentioned above, the results are flavours in the cup not quite like any others you may have experienced before. Don't pass up the chance to try this one, or any of the other Rosetta Roastery Frinsa releases.

Phaedon's tasting notes

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Even when I'd only had a chance to have one quick taste of this coffee in batch brew, as well as a whiff of the beans, it was enough to get me painfully excited. This may be one of the quirkiest, unique and delicious lots I've tasted this year. Set aside your palate's expectations, because this is probably not like any coffee you've tasted before. It's boozy; it's sweet; it's chocolatey; it's really quite something.

Having had a bit more time to get to know this coffee now, I'm very impressed with how well it works in both short espresso (and espresso-like) extractions, as well as in filter (pour-over & batch) brews. It's incredibly unique. I get flavours like red & black cherries, and sometimes even raspberries, accompanied by the tangy, syrupy boozy note that really make it stand out from anything else you might taste this year. If you want something unforgettable, try this coffee!

Rosetta Roastery's notes

Style: Progressive
Flavour profile: Rich, cacao nib, sherry, umami

The green, pungent with boozy ferment and tropical fruit, has a remnant layer of mucilage that leaves the beans uniformly golden in colour.

Compared to our washed lots of Sigarar Utang, the anaerobic processing results in beans are much more delicate and fragile so heat must be applied with a great deal of care. Exceedingly vibrant and complex with a multitude of striking aromatics, we drop out at first crack to preserve as much of this unique sensory experience as possible.

Coffee details

Eleven years and Wildan continues to pioneer the limitless possibilities of experimental processing as he continues to expand the number of his alternatively processed lots. Wildan has moved to innovate and finds original, unusual ways of incorporating different traditional Indonesian food fermentation techniques into his coffee processing.

During fermentation, a variety of byproducts are produced - most commonly, lactic acid and ethanol which, in the case of this lot, lend the cup high levels of complex, whiskey-forward, tropical fruit notes.

  • Producer(s): Wildan Mustofa and family
  • Estate: Frinsa
  • Region: West Bandung Regency, Pangalengan, West Java, Java
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Altitude: 1,400m ASL
  • Variety: Sigarar Utang & others
  • Processing: Anaerobic Natural
  • Harvest: 2020/2021