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Rosetta Roastery Indonesia Frinsa Washed Coffee Beans

Rosetta Roastery - Indonesia Frinsa Washed

R 190.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans twice per week. Please allow up to 3-4 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

Our friends at Rosetta Roastery have a long history of sourcing and perfectly roasting top quality Indonesian coffees. Historically this has included quite a few delicious examples from Sumatra, which featured many of those bold earthy flavours that region is known for. Recently, they've switched things up a bit and have focused more on the famous Java region. Specifically, they have sourced a number of interesting coffees from the Frinsa Estate on the island of Java, and with two recent releases, they've found some particularly interesting flavours to share.

Unlike other Indonesia coffees, the lots that Rosetta has sourced from Frinsa Estate do not use the Giling Bisah (semi-washed) processing method. Instead, the estate employs the more sophisticated fully washed method, as well as some more experimental methods. This provides a unique opportunity to better appreciate the Javan terroir, as well as the impact of processing on those flavours.

The coffees from Frinsa Estate are comprised completely of Sigarar Utang, a relatively new variety which is the product of a natural mutation. Combined with the adventures in coffee processing mentioned above, the results are flavours in the cup not quite like any others we've experienced.

This particular lot is fully washed and, as a result, it's relatively delicate compared to what one might expect of an Indonesian coffee. Don't get us wrong, it's no slouch in terms of body, but that body is accompanied by some wonderful candied stone fruit and a butterscotch sweetness rather than your typical Indonesian earthy notes. In some methods, it also reveals a nice dark chocolate finish.

We liked this coffee best in what you might think of as "high extraction" brew methods, such as moka pot, espresso or siphon. We did get some decent pour-over brews as well, but we feel that the coffee shows its best face when it's allowed to be uncompromisingly bold.

We would highly recommend comparing and contrasting the flavours of this coffee with its experimentally-processed counterpart.

Roaster's notes

Style: Classic
Flavour profile: Full, herbal, bright

While Wildan Mustofa's impeccable processing protocols have a produced a coffee of rare clarity and cleanness, this lot presents remarkably well with a little more heat and time in the roaster.

Coffee details

This is our third consecutive harvest of washed coffee from Frinsa Estate. It’s a select lot comprised exclusively of the Sigarar Utang variety, with all post-picking processing happening on the farm. Frinsa Estate boasts its own wet mill (to remove the fruit) and dry mill (to remove the parchment husk layer). Coffees from Frinsa Estate stand head and shoulders above most coffees produced in the region, thanks to the meticulous care and open-minded approach of Wildan Mustofa and his team.

  • Producer(s): Wildan Mustofa and family
  • Estate: Frinsa
  • Region: West Bandung Regency, Pangalengan, West Java, Java
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Altitude: 1,300m - 1,600m ASL
  • Variety: Sigarar Utang
  • Processing: Washed
  • Harvest: 2019