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Rosetta Roastery Frinsa Washed 2020

Rosetta Roastery - Indonesia Frinsa Washed '20

R 190.00

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Our friends at Rosetta Roastery have a long history of sourcing and perfectly roasting top quality Indonesian coffees. Historically this has included quite a few delicious examples from Sumatra, which featured many of those bold earthy flavours that region is known for. Recently, they've switched things up a bit and have focused more on the equally famous Java region. Specifically, they have sourced a number of interesting coffees from the Frinsa Estate on the island of Java, and with all the recent releases, they've found some particularly interesting flavours to share.

Unlike other Indonesian coffees, the lots that Rosetta has sourced from Frinsa Estate do not use the Giling Bisah (semi-washed) processing method. Instead, the estate employs the more sophisticated fully washed method, as well as some more experimental methods. This provides a unique opportunity to better appreciate the Javan terroir, as well as the impact of processing on those flavours.

The coffees from Frinsa Estate are comprised completely of Sigarar Utang, a relatively new variety which is the product of a natural mutation. Combined with the adventures in coffee processing mentioned above, the results are flavours in the cup not quite like any others we've experienced from Indonesian coffees.

Phaedon's tasting notes

This is a coffee for espresso lovers. If you're in the Cape Town area, do yourself a favour: go and visit one of Rosetta's lovely cafes and have one of their talented baristas pull you a shot of this coffee. Drink it straight, black and unsweetened. Try to resist the urge to have another.

This coffee tastes to me like it was destined for espresso. It's all brown sugar and candy. It's bold and satisfying. Even the stalwart traditional Italian coffee lover will appreciate it, but so will the progressive specialty hipsters, provided they skip the pour-over and enjoy it the way they ought to. If you can't make it to Rosetta's cafes, break out the moka pot, Nanopresso, or even though AeroPress for a traditional short extraction.

Roaster's notes

Style: Classic
Flavour profile: Full-bodied, juicy, green tea

With this coffee, we come in with a notably high charge to maintain momentum throughout the roast, making sure to keep an eye on the rate of rise around first crack. The challenge is finding a balance between those inherent Indonesian notes of green tea and spice while producing a juicy, full-bodied, 'classic' roast.

Coffee details

Wildan started his first coffee project eleven years ago. Since its inception, quality and innovation have been the epicentre of the collective. Most Indonesian producers focus exclusively on wet-hulled coffees, which makes Wildan’s emphasis on fully washed processing unique - especially given the humid climatic conditions of Indonesia.

Washed coffees are dry fermented in small tanks 15-18 hours before they are rinsed and soaked underwater for another 10-12 hours before a final wash with clean water. Wildan and his son have been working with a variety of fermentation techniques on the farm involving lactobacillus cultures as well as saccharomyces cerevisiae - which is a prevalent yeast strain in winemaking, brewing and baking. They have found introducing these strains into fermentation adds greatly to the cup's sweetness, texture and complexity.

  • Producer(s): Wildan Mustofa and family
  • Estate: Frinsa
  • Region: West Bandung Regency, Pangalengan, West Java, Java
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Altitude: 1,300m - 1,600m ASL
  • Variety: Sigarar Utang
  • Processing: Washed
  • Harvest: 2020