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Rosetta Roaster Indonesia Frinsa Washed Special 250g Coffee Bean Bag

Rosetta Roastery - Indonesia Frinsa Washed Special

R 190.00

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There's an impressive history of collaboration between Rosetta Roastery and Frinsa Estate in Indonesia. We tasted the first lot our friends at Rosetta sourced from Frinsa several years ago. At the time, the focus was washed lots, which was already quite an Indonesian coffee novelty, but now things have evolved in a whole new direction.

It's no exaggeration to say that the Mustofa family are experimenting at the cutting edge when it comes to processing techniques. They have employed different fermentation methods, different fermentation times, and even different yeast strains in the pursuit of quality and interesting flavours. Some of the most memorable lots that we've tasted over the years have employed some of the most unique approaches to fermentation and processing.

This new lot pushes the envelope even further, employing both a two-day fermentation before pulping, and a subsequent fermentation before drying. We can't wait to taste what the results are!

Phaedon's tasting notes

Can a coffee be both quirky and classic? This one certainly seems to fit the bill. It's classic in that it has a big body, a fairly heavy mouthfeel and a mellow acidity, not to mention lots of sweetness. But still, there's more going on here. In my immersion brews (siphon & French press), there was a subtle hint of something fruity, yet not acidic. I struggled to put my finger on it, but a look at Rosetta's flavour notes had me nodding my head. Yep; it's definitely cherry, but only a whisper thereof. It's very pleasant though. This is the kind of coffee that will satisfy the traditionalists while giving the adventurous coffee lovers something to ponder.

Rosetta's notes

Style: Classic
Flavour profile: Clean, juicy, with notes of cherry and herbal tea

Farmer Wildan Mustofa’s lots have for many years contrasted most other Indonesian coffees on the market. The cup profile most are accustomed to seeing coming out of Indonesia generally include pronounced earthy notes - descriptors such as ‘herbaceous’ and ‘spice’ are common.

Undoubtedly, he has once again produced a coffee - making use of experimental processing methods - that goes beyond our expectations of the region. With remarkable clarity and rich red berry notes, we find a balanced, sweet cup.

With a juicy and full-bodied cup in mind, we keep the profile short and push our development time. We prime the roaster at a lower temperature than we do when roasting fully-washed coffees from the same farm - this coffee's processing dictates a gentler approach. We keep our dropout temperature on the conservative side making sure the development of the roast does not begin to overshadow the notes of black cherry created by the anaerobic process.

Coffee details

This coffee is part of a series of experimental lots being done by Wildan Mustofa, his wife Atieq, and their son Fikri at Frinsa Estate. Previously, Wildan placed an emphasis on fully washed processing since most Indonesian producers employ the wet-hulled method due to the humid conditions of the region.

Over the last few seasons, Wildan and Fikri have been working with a range of fermentation techniques on the farm which have yielded great results and have begun to scale up the most successful methods. Wildan‘s goal has been to develop processing techniques that create unique, complex cup profiles that can be consistently replicable over time, on scale, while keeping production costs low.

This lot has undergone anaerobic fermentation in two stages. For the first two days, the full cherries were fermented in closed plastic bags. They were then pulped and fermented in closed plastic bags for a second time in their parchment for one day. The coffee was then dried in thin layers on raised beds before the drying process on the patio was complete.

  • Producer(s): Wildan, Atieq & Fikri Mustofa of Frinsa Estate
  • Estate: Frinsa
  • Region: Weninggalih, West Bandung Regency, West Java, Java
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Altitude: 1,400masl
  • Variety: Sigarar Utang
  • Processing: Anaerobic washed
  • Harvest: 2020