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Rosetta Roastery Kenya AB Coffee Beans

Rosetta Roastery - Kenya Ndaro-ini AB

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Rosetta Roastery's Kenyan coffees are not to be missed, and this latest release is just as delicious as its much-loved predecessors but with quite a unique flavour profile to enjoy.

Kenyan coffees are typically known for their big bodies, bold winey acidities and tart berry flavours, but this one is quite different from its compatriots. Its acidity is a bit more subtle, particularly in a pour-over where Kenyan coffees often display lots of brightness. Its fruit flavours are a bit deeper and sweeter, reminding us tropical and stone fruits, and even occasionally quince. It also displays some bolder flavours like tea and cocoa in some brews, and it has plenty of body in its own right.

We've particularly enjoyed this coffee in a French press, but also had very tasty results in a V60 pour-over once we hit the right parameters. It's a dense bean, and it may want to run quite long on you. Don't let it! Coarsen your grind and keep it within 3 minutes for the tastiest results.

Roaster's notes

Style: Progressive | Full and sweet, with red grape acidity & black tea notes

There I am in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) at three o’clock in the morning, looking for one thousand grape pastilles to fill a brandy glass, or Ozzy wouldn’t go on stage that night. Then Jeff Beck pops his head in the door, and says there’s a little sweet shop on the edge of town. So off we go…

These AB beans (smaller and less dense than AAs) don’t require quite as much heat or time to bring them to decent levels of development, so we can keep our soak, ramp, and development all rather moderate.

Coffee details

Nyeri is Kenya’s premium coffee producing region. Supreme altitude, plenty of sunlight, and moderate-to-cool temperatures allows for long ripening times, and (as a result) full, complex, sweet and bright cherries. Operating on the same principles seen in high-end viticulture, slow-ripening, moderate to low-yielding trees produce a level of quality that simply isn’t possible at lower altitudes, especially when using higher-yielding (commercial-use) seed types; like Brazil’s Mundo Novo for example. With these climatic conditions as a backdrop, it is no wonder that the farmers of the Gikanda Co-operative Society (not to be confused with the very-hip-right-now Wakanda Society) produce some of Kenya’s foremost microlots. This year the cooperative has processed 200 tons of cherries from the surrounding farms. The Ndaro-ini Factory uses fresh spring water to process their coffees, and dries all cherries on raised beds.

  • Producer(s): The Gikanda Farmers' Co-operative
  • Region: Ndaro-Ini Factory, Nyeri County
  • Country: Kenya
  • Altitude: 1,700m ASL
  • Processing: Fully washed, dried on raised beds
  • Variety: SL28 & SL34
  • Harvest: 2017

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