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Rosetta Roastery Peru Edgar And Demetrio

Rosetta Roastery - Peru Edgar & Demetrio

R 165.00

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Peru seems to be an increasingly exciting coffee producing origin with incredible dedication to the production of specialty grade coffee. We are very excited to see a spirit of collaboration growing in producing countries, particularly in Peru. This coffee from Rosetta Roastery is the second Peruvian coffee we have seen this season that is a result of two friends working together in order to create something bigger and better than they could on their own (check out Origin's Las Naranjas).

Despite Peru forging an exciting future as a specialty coffee-producing region of the world, there are ongoing difficulties in sustaining coffee production and trade in the country. Peru is going through rapid urbanisation, making the prospect of coffee farming less and less appealing to the younger generations. However, young friends Edgar and Demetrio are forging their own path and are pursuing excellence in coffee, bringing young vigour, modern farming and experimental processing to local coffee production. We see a similar forging of their own path in the pursuit of excellence from Rosetta, and this makes us very excited to try this coffee.

Phaedon's tasting notes

This is quite a quirky coffee. It has some delicious flavour to offer, but it may  make you work for them a little bit. I had to experiment but once I found my parameters, I brewed some sensational cups. While this isn't something I say often, I would actually advise you to stay away from the pour-overs and batch brew with this one. I found this coffee was at its best when some oil was allowed to come through into the cup, or when it had the benefit of a nice long immersion-style steep. The results were delicious in an AeroPress, moka pot, siphon and plunger, but when complete paper filtration was at play, I found it fell a little flat. Having said that, I also had particularly delicious results using a Brew Tool Metal Cone filter in my V60, which doesn't filter quite as efficiently as paper.

In terms of flavour notes, this one seems to offer a citrus medley. Lime was the most discernible flavour to my palate, but I definitely found some lemon, orange and even grapefruit notes in some cups. It also has a nice syrupy caramelised sugar type of sweetness that balances the cup beautifully.

Roaster's notes

Style: Classic
Flavour profile: Soft & rounded, bruléed sugar, malt, almonds.

This is a beautifully rounded coffee, which doesn’t need too much pushing in any particular direction. That said, an extended development time, with a gentle rate of change after first crack accentuates the natural sweetness of the coffee.

Coffee details

  • Producers: Edgar Condori and Demetrio Consinga Laura
  • Region: Saint Helena Community, Pangoa, Junin Province, Satipo
  • Country: Peru
  • Variety: Caturra & Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1600 -1700 mASL
  • Processing: Dry fermented for 20 hours, fully washed, and dried on raised beds
  • Harvest: 2019