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Rosetta Roastery Americas Coffee Bag

Rosetta Roastery - Peru Juan Asto

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Many associate Rosetta Roastery with their progressively roasted coffees with flavours that appear on the more eclectic quadrants of the flavour wheel accompanied by lighter bodies and vibrant acidities. Despite that reputation, they also have an impressive knack for finding a coffee to include in each season's offering that even the most classic coffee palates can't help but enjoy. This spring that coffee is definitely their Peruvian offering.

We don't get to taste a lot of Peruvian coffees here in South Africa. It is after all an "up and coming" coffee producer, but one only needs to take a couple of sips of this single origin to see that it does an impressive job of providing that delicious, classic Latin American profile that many seek from more established producing countries like Colombia, Costa Rica or even Brazil.

In the cup, this coffee is all sweetness and balance. It has something for everyone, with its subtle hints of stone fruit, and a wonderful syrupy honey-like sweetness. There are some subtle nutty notes to enjoy as well, and the overall profile is just incredibly pleasant. We'd highly recommend you enjoy this coffee in any way you can, but particularly in pour-overs and espressos (Rosetta's own weapons of choice).

Roaster's notes

Style: Classic

He’d been in the bank all day. Feeling cool, looking smooth; beige linen suit, almond-skin loafers. It’s easy to smile sweetly when you have air conditioner. I was up on the third floor of the Hotel Paraiso; the merciless sun toasting me like a damn crème brulee. If he’d only step outside, I could set him free.

The slightly lower-toned flavour profile of this coffee means that we're in no rush to preserve that precious acidity, as there isn't that much to start off with. This means we can take our time developing those caramels by stretching out parts of the ramp, and allowing longer development times. Or at least that's the theory. You can let us know if it works ;-)

Coffee details

Juan is a long-term member of ACPC cooperative in Pichanaki town. He is a very passionate man, who has developed a reputation for a consistently high level of quality to his coffees, even when others around him are facing severe setbacks. His 4-hectare farm is in Chinchaysuyo, which is a small community consisting of migrant families, who come to Central Peru in search of new employment opportunities. Over the past few seasons, coffee rust has devastated many of the farms in his area, causing farmers to abandon their land, but Juan and some neighbors have banded together to both support one another, and ensure that the surviving coffee trees continue to deliver on their promise of the high quality coffee that we've come to expect from this inspired producer.

  • Altitude: 1550 - 1650m ASL
  • Processing: Washed, fermented in open tanks, and dried in solar driers.
  • Certification: Conventional
  • Variety: Typica & Caturra
  • Region: Chinchaysuyo, Chanchamayo Province
  • Country: Peru
  • Producer: Juan Asto
  • Harvest: 2017