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Rosetta Roastery Peru Las Vecinas

Rosetta Roastery - Peru Las Vecinas Microlot

R 170.00

We receive fresh deliveries of these coffee beans several times per week. Please allow up to 2-3 working days after you order for dispatch in case we need to wait for the next delivery.

What is a microlot? It it just a small lot? Well, yes, but not exactly. A microlot is indeed a small lot of coffee, but specifically, it's one that has been specially selected and set aside because of particular characteristics of quality. You could think of it as the "best of" a particular harvest from a particular estate or region. Still, it's hard to know what exactly that signifies without some sort of benchmark, and this year, our friends at Rosetta Roastery have provided just such a tasting opportunity.

This Peruvian microlot is from the Nueva Florida community, the same growing community which grew Rosetta's other Peruvian release of the season. It is in fact, the same varieties grown in the same year, and processed in the same way. The only difference is that this lot was specially selected by Saturnina & Albina, local farm managers, as a special one. It is not a wildly different coffee; it's quite similar in fact, but they considered it some of the best of the same harvest. You can try for yourself and see what you think.

Phaedon's tasting notes

I was excited to have the opportunity to compare this lot to Rosetta's other Nueva Florida release. Despite having tasted several hundred coffees over the last few years, I haven't had many opportunities to taste multiple lots from the same place in the same harvest. In short, the (perhaps uninformative) verdict is similar, but different.

Las Vecinas & Nueva Florida clearly have a lot in common. They're both deliciously sweet, with full bodies, but this one definitely has a little bit of extra flair. To my palate, it was the acidity of this coffee that stood out in comparison. There's something light, elegant, and citric underpinning and complementing all that bold, sugary flavour. Some of the maltiness of the other lot isn't there, but it leaves room for these more subtle notes.

I'd encourage you to compare the two coffees in unadulterated brews like a French press, but then go ahead and try this one in a paper-filtered pour-over or other filter brew, to really reveal the "top notes".

Rosetta Roastery's notes

Style: Classic
Flavour profile: Soft & creamy, butterscotch, black tea

The aim with a coffee such as this is finding a balance between a sweet, developed ‘classic profile’ while preserving the nuanced florals hints and black tea inherent to this micro lot.

Our ‘Las Vecinas’ comes from the same region and similar terroir as our ‘La Nueva Florida’, making these two Perus a very interesting comparison between a ‘community’ vs a ‘micro' lot.

Coffee details

Every year, Albina and Saturnina create a neighbours’ micro lot. Both of them are the managers of their farms and are continually trying to boost their volumes and enhance the quality of their coffee lots.

The challenges of Peru’s lockdown meant it became incredibly difficult to reach the community for months - no phone signal on the farm and little coordination during the entire harvest season. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop these two business-savvy women from producing an exceptional Junin micro-lot, that showcases the potential of the coffee the community grows.

  • Altitude: 1,750m - 1,800 ASL
  • Processing: Fully washed
  • Variety: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Pache
  • Region: Rio Negro, Junin, Satipo
  • Country: Peru
  • Producers: Saturnina & Albina
  • Harvest: 2020