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Supervised Roasting On 2.5kg Diedrich By The Hour

Have you learned the basics of roasting? Do you want to book time on a commercial small batch roaster to roast your own beans? Now you can rent time on Quaffee's 2.5kg Diedrich by the hour!


R 450.00 – R 1,295.00 per person



About this experience

If you have experience with commercial roasters, or you have completed Quaffee's Introduction to Roasting, you may be interested in spending a bit more time in front of the drum. Maybe you'd like to roast your own coffee on a full-fledged commercial machine. Maybe you have a budding coffee startup and would like to book time on a roaster before you can buy your own. Whatever the reason, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to roast by the hour on Quaffee's Diedrich 2.5kg coffee roaster.

Diedrich is one of the most respected brands in coffee roasters, and this one is the perfect size for a small coffee operation or for an avid consumer. You can roast as little as 1kg at a time, up to full capacity. We are offering 1hr, 2hr & 3hr booking slots in the afternoons on weekdays. If you need more time than that, please just contact us.

Please understand that regardless of your particular level of experience, the time you book on the roaster will be supervised by Sino, one of Quaffee's experienced roasters. He is there to help if needs be, but most importantly to ensure that both you and the roaster are safe throughout the process. Please make sure to follow any requests or instructions from Sino or anyone else on Quaffee's team while roasting.

You are welcome to bring your own green coffee or purchase some of the unroasted coffee beans that we have on offer. That is entirely up to you. Please make sure you have planned for the green coffee you would like to roast before arrival, but we would be happy to have your green waiting for you if you order from us in conjunction with your booking.

About Quaffee at the Vineyard's roasting operation

Quaffee At The Vineyard is a small, satellite coffee roastery operated by Quaffee at the Vineyard Hotel in Newlands, Cape Town. It is equipped with a 2.5kg Diedrich coffee roaster and operated by Sino, Quaffee's roaster whom they trained from the ground up. This is where Quaffee has roasted many of its microlots and competition coffees. The space also doubles as a training, quality control and development space where Quaffee explores all the possibilities that coffee has to offer.

Important notes

  • Your roasting time will be supervised by Sino or another member of Quaffee's team

  • You must follow any instructions given to you by the team; they will be ensuring your safety as well as that of the equipment

  • You may bring your own beans or order from us, but please ensure you've made arrangements before arriving

  • Quaffee and CCB do not take any responsibility for the quality of your roast - this is up to you

  • You will be given access to your roasting data if you request it

  • You must have some prior roasting experience to book time on the roaster

  • Up to 2 people may participate in the roasting time but not more

Your Host

Host image

Sino has been with Quaffee for many years, at least as long as we have worked with them, doing everything from delivering coffee to fixing coffee machines. When Quaffee opened up its satellite roastery at the Vineyard Hotel, Sino quickly took on the challenge and got up to speed. He is now one of Quaffee's experienced production roasters and has roasted many of our favourites, including many special microlots. Sino also recently came second in the country in the Shot In The Dark roasting competition. He knows his coffee and he is ready to share his knowledge.