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Truth Ethiopia Harrar Coffee Beans

Truth. - Ethiopia Harrar Single Origin

R 155

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Ethiopia is believed to be the birthplace of coffee, and among its coffee growing regions, Harrar is one of the most famous. This coffee from Truth Coffee Roasting is a great example of what the region and the country's coffees are all about.

Harrar coffees are actually known for their blueberry flavours and you'll definitely find those in this coffee with a great extraction. Like coffees from Yirgacheffe - another famous Ethiopian coffee growing region - this coffee also has lots of delicate, tea-like, floral & citrus characteristics, with orange and black tea shining through quite a bit in certain brew methods.

While this coffee is more full-bodied than your typical Yirgacheffe, it still lends itself well to filter-style brews and particularly pour-overs, where all those aromatics and acidic notes really shine through.

Coffee details

  • Region: Harrar
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Farm: Many small holders & cooperatives
  • Altitude grown: 1510 - 2120 masl
  • Harvest period: Jan - Feb
  • Processing: Natural
  • Varieties: Heirloom