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Truth Coffee Roasting Rwandan Coffee Beans

Truth. - Rwanda Bushoki Single Origin

R 140

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This Rwanda single origin from Truth Coffee Roasting is absolutely bursting with fruity flavours which are easy to appreciate in most manual brew methods. It has lots of body and acidity that combine to yield delicious results. We were often reminded of berries and dried apricots when trying it out, with a hint of citrus showing up in some of the cups we made.

The coffee's versatility is almost as impressive as its flavour and we had good results in pour-overs, Aeropresses, French Presses and even Siphons, but it was with slightly up-dosed (80g/L) pour-over and siphon brews that this coffee really shone. Our pour-overs really displayed those dry apricot flavours and the siphon revealed a very pleasant tart grapefruit note.

Coffee details:

  • Region: Bushoki
  • Country: Rwanda
  • Altitude grown: 1610 masl
  • Processing: Washed
  • Varieties: Bourbon