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Truth Vengeance Blend Coffee Beans

Truth. - The Revengeance Blend

R 98

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Our friends at Truth Coffee have always roasted an alternative blend for those using filter or automatic bean to cup machines rather than traditional espresso - the Vengeance blend. This was a reliable, tasty, easy-drinking filter coffee, but they have recently refreshed and improved the recipe with mouth-watering results.

The new Re-Vengeance blend is delicious and balanced and should please the third wave coffee crowd as much as the traditional coffee palate. It is a blend of Guatemalan, Ethiopian & Rwandan single origins, each of which impart some wonderful characteristics. You'll find syrupy sweetness as well as cocoa, nutty & biscuity flavour notes in the cup. These are perfectly complemented by a bright acidity and some enticing floral aromas.

While the Re-Vengeance blend will still make a great coffee in a bean to cup or filter machine, it also yielded delicious results for us in a pour-over and in an Aeropress!