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Voodoo Badass Coffee Harden The F@$CK Up

Voodoo Badass Coffee - Harden The F@$CK Up

R 365.00

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5x1kg bulk packs of this coffee may take up to 2 weeks to dispatch.

Voodoo's blends are made up of three carefully curated coffees: a washed blend of Catuai and Typica from Mexico, a washed blend of Typica and Bourbon from Papa New-Guinea and a naturally processed specialty grade Robusta from India. These three coffees allow for a balance of complexity and sweetness from the Arabica coffees with the fullness and body of a Robusta to offer intensity and flavour in various measures.

Harden The F@$CK Up is a coffee that is roasted and blended to have an intense kick to it! With more Robusta in this blend than the other two, Harden The F@$CK Up has both more intensity and more caffeine to really get you going; it is the perfect coffee for those Monday mornings when you need something extra to kickstart your day!

Despite being the most intense coffee that Voodoo offers, mimicking a darker style roast, we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of sweetness that came through in the cup! Loads of caramel-like flavours were present, ranging from toffee to burnt sugar, balanced out by notes of red berry. On the nose, this blend presented aromas of sweet tobacco with just a hint of aromatic spices. With its intense body and sweet caramel flavours, this coffee is delicious on espresso, however, we were most surprised at how well this coffee performed on filter, particularly when brewed with metal filters that don't filter the oils out.

Roaster's notes

Resembling a darker roasting style but without actually taking it darker. This coffee has a kick of body with nostalgic cocoa bitterness in the aftertaste and flavour notes of dark milk chocolate and walnuts. This coffee will give you the kick you need. Strong enough to wake the dead, tasty enough to enjoy being alive for!

Coffee details

MEXICO - Altura Zafiro

  • REGION: Chicomuselo and Comalapa, Chiapas, Mexico
  • VARIETAL: Catuai and Typica
  • HARVEST: January - April
  • PROCESS: Fully washed
  • ALTITUDE: 800m


  • REGION: Chauve, Simbu Province, Papa New Guinea
  • VARIETAL: Catuai and Bourbon
  • PRODUCERS: Local farmers
  • PROCESS: Fully washed
  • ALTITUDE: 1500-1850masl


  • REGION: Chikmagakur, Karnataka Province, India
  • VARIETAL: Robusta (specialty grade)
  • HARVEST: December - January
  • PROCESS: Natural
  • ALTITUDE: 900masl