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E61 Portafilter With Spouts

E61 Portafilter With Spouts

R 949.00

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These high quality generic portafilters are designed to work with any machine with an E61 group head. They are complete portafilters and include the handle, portafilter head, spouts (choose the version you want) and filter baskets. While you shouldn't have any issue with any E61 espresso machines, we can confirm that they will be a perfect fit for any Rocket or Wega espresso machine.

Please note that the spouts may have different alignments. This is due to the fact that they can be screwed in from virtually any angle to the portafilter. It is possible to re-align the spout to your preferred angle by simply unscrewing and putting it back on again at the desired angle.

Included with portafilter

  • Filter holder M12
  • Filter holder handle M12
  • Spring holder 1.2mm
  • Spout (double or single) 3.8"
  • Filter basket CMA (double or single)

Portafilter specifications

  • Basket diameter: 58mm