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Single Origin Coffee Beans

Map of the world with coffee growing regions highlighted

Much like with wine or whiskey, the coffee beans we buy are often blends of coffees from various farms or even parts of the world. While this method can most certainly produce some delicious coffee, more and more roasters in South Africa are starting to offer single origin options to their customers.

While exact definitions might differ, a single origin coffee is generally a coffee prepared with beans from a single farm or controlled region. What this means is that the characteristics of those particular coffee beans are allowed to shine through, unaffected by the combination with other coffees. While not always the case, very often coffee roasters try to pick a roast style for single origin coffees that will best accentuate the natural characteristics of that particular coffee bean.

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the difference in flavour between blends and single origin coffees, you are more likely to find greater variety and unique characteristics in single origin coffee beans than you do in blends. As such, single origin coffee is a great option to explore when you're looking to try out different things and want to learn more about the types of coffees that different regions produce. Below you'll find our full range of single origin beans - feel free to narrow down your search by region using the navigation menu.