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Electric Filter Coffee Grinders

The first major step most people take down the specialty coffee rabbit hole is freshly grinding their coffee. A good grinder is arguably the single most important tool in your coffee making kit. You can purchase a fancy brewer, the tastiest of whole beans, a Bluetooth-capable flowrate-monitoring scale, all the high-end gear you like, but if you can't grind your coffee freshly, with precision or consistency it's all for naught. 

Fortunately, these days there are quality grinders aplenty to choose from. When it comes to filter brewing, as in pour-overs, plungers, and stovetop brewers, most people tend to spring for something hand-cranked. Manual grinders are a great option if you're grinding for just a few cups a day, and many take pleasure in the somewhat ritualistic process. 

However, manual grinding isn't for everyone. If you often find yourself grinding for multiple cups, making batch brews in a home, commercial or office set-up, or you simply don't want to get up and grind by hand every time you want a cup of coffee, you'll likely be more interested in an electric filter grinder. We have a wide variety of electric filter grinders suitable for just about any budget and choice of filter brewer. Browse below and click on any grinder if you'd like to know more about it. If you need a hand choosing one, consider reading this handy guide, or get in touch with us and we'll happily help you weigh up your options.