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Genio Precision 6 coffee roaster

Genio Precision Series Coffee Roaster

R 609,615.00

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Genio Roasters is a Johannesburg-based engineering company that specialises in designing and handcrafting high-end coffee roasting equipment. Created by Neil Maree in 2009 as part of his final-year B.Eng. project at North West University, Genio’s core business ethos is founded upon an authentic personal passion for quality coffee roasting. Genio builds a number of premium coffee roasting machines for coffee setups of every size, fitted with state of the art technology to ensure consistent and optimised performance.

Genio’s Precision roaster line is its base, its bread and butter. Precision roasters sport a sleek, modern design, and come in a variety of pleasant hues to bring some extra colour to your workspace’s aesthetic. They feature a lightweight aluminium cooling bin and a food-grade anodised coating in the bean hopper. They are also fitted with a dual-walled roasting drum that ensures consistent heat distribution as you roast, leading to perfect flavour development.

On the technical side of things, the fittingly-named Precision line offers a staggering level of roasting control via an easy-to-use physical interface and Genio’s ProRoast smart control system. The ProRoast system may seem a bit daunting at first, but it’s actually fairly intuitive. Essentially, using the ProRoast app and a tablet connected to the roaster via Bluetooth you can monitor and modify everything going on in your roast, from drum speed to gas pressure, all on the fly. Moreover, the system can store up to 3000 separate roast profiles, and automatically saves your profile so that you can come back to it later and repeat it or iterate on it if you’d like. Saved profiles can be exported and accessed by other roasters who use the ProRoast app, so you can share your best roasts and even learn from other professionals.

All in all, the Genio Precision series of coffee roasters are premium machines that offer a staggering degree of control and stability. They come in three sizes suited to roasting setups of different scales, and while their essential specs and features are largely consistent, they differ primarily in their roasting capacity.

Genio Precision Roaster sizes

The Genio Precision 6 is a shop roaster capable of roasting up to 6kg of green coffee in around 11 - 15 minutes, and is perfectly suited for smaller scale coffee roasting businesses, or commercial roasters who simply want to roast smaller specialty batches or test roast profiles.

The Genio Precision 15 is a commercial machine that can roast up 15kg of coffee between 11 - 15 minutes, or around 60kg an hour. This is ideal for keeping up with the output demands of larger and expanding roasteries.

The Precision 30 is Genio’s industrial unit, capable of roasting up to 30kg of coffee in 11 - 15 minutes, which makes it perfect for large-scale roasting operations where speed and consistency are of the utmost importance.

All three of these roasters feature ProRoast compatibility, and come with a wireless tablet for monitoring and roast profile control, for which there are automatic and manual options.

Proudly handmade in South Africa

Genio’s Precision roasters are a fantastic option for all your coffee roasting needs. They’re also made locally here in South Africa, and come with a 2-year global warranty and high-quality technical support services to ensure that your business always has a functioning roaster.

Because these roasters are handmade, commercial products, we don’t keep stock to sell directly to you as we do most of the products we carry; these machines are manufactured to order. A coffee roaster is a big investment so please reach out to us to chat about your requirements in the first instance. We will help you consider your options and coordinate with our partners at Genio to quote you on the right setup and configuration, and make plans for a painless installation and setup when the time comes.

Genio Precision Coffee Roaster features

  • Flexible batch sizes - roast anything from 2kg up to a full 6/15/30kg (depending the model/size of your machine) 
  • State of the art ProRoast profile control system - change roast settings in real-time and store up to 3000 roast profiles in your machine’s database
  • Manual and automated roast profile control
  • Cooling to room temperature in under 5 minutes
  • Wireless tablet included
  • Dual-wall drum
  • Straight radial fan blades - reduce build-up of coffee oils, extending machine lifespan
  • 2-year global warranty

Genio Precision Coffee Roaster specifications

  • Profile plotting: 7 real-time plotting graphs, and a database of reference profiles
  • Roasting principle:  Convection and conduction
Precision 6 Precision 15 Precision 30
Length 260 cm 290 cm 340 cm
Width 120 cm 140 cm 210 cm
Height 220 cm 220 cm 290 cm
Weight 426 kg 550 kg 826 kg
Heating 25kW gas burner 50kW gas burner 100kW gas burner
Roasting fan 630 m³/hr @ 1100 Pa 630 m³/hr @ 1100 Pa 1170 m³/hr @ 2500 Pa
Cooling fan 660 m³/hr @ 2500 Pa 1260 m³/hr @ 2700 Pa 2100 m³/hr @ 4000 Pa
Power 220V 50Hz, single phase 220V 50Hz, single phase 380V 50Hz, three phase

Note: The Genio Precision 30's cooling bin is shipped separately with crate dimensions of 211cm x 152cm x 118cm (LxWxH)