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Fairtrade Certified Coffee Beans

Fairtrade Certification LogoIt's easy to forget sometimes that this delicious beverage that we drink every day takes enormous amounts of work to produce, often in places hundreds of kilometres from where it eventually reaches your cup.

Because of this distance, it's difficult for to know whether the people that have put in the hours to grow our coffee beans are benefiting sufficiently from their hard work. That's where the Fairtrade Certification comes in.

Since 1997, the Fairtrade organisation has been hiring independent, 3rd party auditors to ensure that the coffees and other products that get its certification are held to a high standard of sustainability. While this includes a broad set of economic, social & environmental requirements, some of the most important are:

  • Ensuring a minimum price is paid for the coffee to allow for sustainable production
  • Providing adequate labour conditions for those working on the farms
  • Producing the coffees in an environmentally sustainable way
  • Investing in the community by providing funds for special projects

While a coffee does not have to be Fairtrade Certified to meet these conditions, seeing that logo on the label provides certainty that these standards of sustainability have been met and are reviewed every year. So if you want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, knowing for sure that it was farmed sustainably, buy one of these Fairtrade Certified bags of beans.