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Cold Brew Equipment & Accessories

Cold brew is not your typical cup of coffee. Rather than using hot water, this type of beverage is brewed at room or refrigerated temperatures, typically for 5-24 hours. This style of extraction yields a very different result from iced (or hot) coffee, most noticeably in its lower acidity. Done well, cold brew is full-bodied, sweet & refreshing and can be enjoyed cold on its own, over ice, mixed with milk or even warmed up.

We believe that one of the best ways to enjoy cold brew is to make it yourself, using freshly ground artisan-roasted coffee beans, as coffee always tastes better when it's fresh. Below you'll find a selection of cold brewers to suit every budget and level of cold-brewing experience. From simple immersion brewers to get you started to sophisticated cold drip systems, there's an option for everyone. Click on each product to learn more about it and feel free to contact us for advice on choosing the right brewer for you.