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Stovetop Coffee & Espresso Makers - Moka Pots

Stovetop coffee makers are one of the oldest and most popular ways of making coffee in the world. The first such coffee maker was the Bialetti Moka Express which has been Italy's most popular coffee maker since its invention in 1933.

The original Bialetti's name is so well known that many now refer to these stovetop coffee makers as Moka Pots. Although not technically espresso makers (you need an espresso machine for that), these coffee makers make a rich concentrated brew similar to an espresso for a fraction of the price. They're also durable, easy to use & maintain and can serve their owners faithfully for many years.

Today, you can still buy the Bialetti Moka Express, virtually unchanged from the original model, but you can also buy similar coffee makers from other manufacturers as well as new takes on the classic design featuring different materials. Regardless of what you choose, this is a great way to make excellent coffee at home!