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Bialetti Aluminium Funnel For Moka Express 9 Cup

Bialetti Replacement Funnel - Moka Express

R 65.00

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Bialetti moka pot funnels don't necessarily have to be replaced regularly, but, if your funnel does become damaged or bent, it can prevent your moka pot from working properly. These funnels are manufactured by Bialetti to replace the originals should the need arise.

These funnels are only suitable for the Bialetti Moka Express or Dama. They are not suitable for the Bialetti Brikka or Mukka. Please also ensure you choose the right size!

Funnel sizes available

  • 1 Cup - 46mm diameter
  • 2 Cup - 52mm diameter
  • 3 Cup - 60mm diameter
  • 4 Cup - 60mm diameter
  • 6 Cup - 66mm diameter
  • 9 Cup - 76mm diameter
  • 12 Cup - 83mm diameter
  • 18 Cup - 84mm diameter