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Bialetti Muka Express Cow Spotted

Bialetti Mukka Express Cappuccino Maker

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Bialetti is one of the most celebrated brands in coffee. Its stovetop coffee makers have been used the world over for almost a century - producing billions of cups of black coffee every year. Being black coffee drinkers ourselves, we're big fans of all their range.

Of course, some coffee drinkers just cannot resist the comfort of a creamy cappuccino and for those coffee lovers, Bialetti has the perfect solution - the Mukka Express. Light-heartedly decorated with cow spots, the Mukka Express produces the same delicious black coffee as the rest of the Bialetti range, but at the same time, it also froths up enough milk for two small (~200ml each) cappuccinos!

The Mukka Express uses a patented system including a special valve that uses the pressure built up to brew the coffee to also aerate the milk in the top chamber. It's a simple to use, all-in-one solution that will produce a luxurious milk-based coffee beverage more quickly than many other home solutions and much more affordably than an espresso machine.

Mukka Express features & specifications

  • Aluminium construction (like the classic Moka Express)
  • Patented pressure valve for frothing
  • Cow-spotted design
  • Produces up to 440ml of cappuccino (two small coffee cups or one extra large mug)
  • Suitable for gas, electric & ceramic cookers (not induction)
  • Easy to use and clean

How to use the Mukka Express

  1. Fill the bottom chamber with water to the fill-line (we recommend pre-heated water)
  2. Fill the funnel with medium-ground coffee without tamping down (but do level off)
  3. Screw on the top chamber and fill with milk to the fill-line
  4. Close the lid and push down the button
  5. Put it on the stove on a medium heat and wait - the button will pop up when it's ready - pour quickly!