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In 1933, Alfonso Bialetti completed his design for the aluminium Moka Express. Fast forward to the present day and that same iconic octagonal design has become the most popular coffee maker in the world and is still made in the same style and material as the original.

Much of the credit for the spread of the Moka Express is actually due to Alfonso's son, Renato Bialetti, who passed away recently at the age of 93 and whose ashes were buried in a large Moka Express. Thanks to the father & son's works, not only have millions of Bialetti Moka Expresses been sold around the world, but stovetop coffee makers like them (often called moka pots) can be found everywhere.

Bialetti itself has expanded into an Italian coffee & kitchenware giant and has added new variations on the original design to its range, as well as some handy accessories. For those looking for a truly classic Italian coffee maker for home, we sell some of Bialetti's very best products right here.