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Batch Brew Filter Coffee

Long before espresso became a big phenomenon in South Africa, filter coffee was enjoyed by many coffee lovers. In fact, filter was the brew method of choice for many coffee drinkers around the world for many decades. Unfortunately, that history has made many see filter as old-fashioned and undesirable. The case wasn't helped by many low-quality filter machines that flooded the market in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Batch brew is the specialty coffee term for larger batch filter coffee made with these filter coffee machines. It's actually a fast-growing trend in the specialty coffee space at the moment, although it's more of a re-emerging trend rather than a new one. A far cry from the traditional diner-style dark, black and bitter filter coffee of the past, modern batch brew now offers delicious, sweet and complex coffee being brewed with the same attention to detail as manual brew methods.

This has been facilitated by a new generation of equipment built for precise brewing variable control, some of which you'll find on this collection page. With these tools, batch brew is actually a fairly easy, inexpensive and efficient way to make large volumes of delicious coffee for home, office or commercial purposes.