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Coffee For The Office

Coffee At The Office

At Cape Coffee Beans, we really believe that you should be able to enjoy good coffee everywhere. We've always helped our customers make better coffee at home and now we're also helping South African companies enjoy better coffee at the office.

On this page, we've outlined some of the most important things to think about when choosing how to source and brew coffee for your company. At the bottom of the page, there is a form you can fill out if you'd like to chat to us about your requirements.

Whether you're just getting started or you already have a machine and just want some better coffee, we're here to help!

The Coffee Beans

The most important factor in having good coffee at the office is sourcing freshly roasted coffee beans, ideally from an artisan coffee roaster. It doesn't matter how fancy your coffee machine is, if you're using stale coffee, pre-ground, capsules or instant, your coffee will improve by leaps and bounds when you start using fresh beans, no matter how you brew.

You should try to consume the beans you order within 4-6 weeks of roast, so a monthly order cycle is a great place to start. Some companies like to pick a favourite coffee to receive every month while some of our corporate clients also like to have some variety and get a different set of beans to try with each order.

Whatever your preference and whether you order from us or buy from your local artisan roaster, the most important thing is to use fresh, whole bean coffee!

The Brewing Equipment

Once you're sourcing fresh coffee beans, you have some options to consider with regards to how you brew your coffee. For small offices, some of our basic home equipment can work very well, such as a Severin Coffee Grinder combined with a large french press or pour-over equipment.

For work-places very focused on efficiency, or with a large number of employees, you may want to buy some sort of coffee machine. Depending on your coffee preferences and budget, you can choose between a filter machine or an automatic 'bean to cup' machine that can make espresso-style beverages. While we don't sell these machines on the website, we can advise you as to the best fit for your requirements and usually can source what you need or refer you to a partner who can.

Want To Discuss Options?

If you'd like to discuss the right options for you and receive a quote for coffee and/or equipment, we'd be grateful if you would fill out the form below. This will help us in determining which options are right for you. We'll give you a call within 1-2 days to speak to you about your requirements.

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