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Origin Coffee Roasting

Origin Coffee Roasting has been called the Godfather of Speciality Coffee in South Africa. Among the first artisan roasters in the country and quite possibly the very first in Cape Town, Origin was instrumental in planting the seeds that grew into the thriving coffee scene the Mother City enjoys today.

Benefitting from preferential relationships with some of the world’s leading quality coffee farmers, Origin is able to source and roast the world’s finest coffee beans. Founder, Joel Singer is passionate about quality coffee and from day one, his focus has been on developing a hub of coffee excellence.

Since its establishment in 2005, Origin focused on more than just roasting quality coffee; they set up a Barista Academy to help build a foundation for the South African coffee industry. That is why you'll find coffee professionals who have spent time at Origin at many of the younger roasteries that we work with. As one such coffee professional once said to us: "All roads lead to Origin".

Origin has built on this legacy, continuing to cultivate South African coffee talent. Their roasting team skilfully brings out the best in a broad and constantly changing selection of coffees which we are privileged to share with you here.

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