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Origin - The Grand Daddy of Cape Town Coffee

Whenever you walk into Origin Coffee Roasting's HQ on Hudson street, it's always bustling. Despite having one of the larger cafés in Cape Town, the tables always seem to be full and there are usually people queuing for takeaway coffees as well. You might wonder how this can be, in a city so spoiled for choice when it comes to coffee, but it only takes a couple of visits to understand.

Origin Coffee Logo

The thing is, a good number of the people you'll find in the café have been coming to Origin for the better part of a decade. They don't just love Origin's coffee, they learned to love coffee at Origin. That's true for many of the newcomers as well as the old-timers. You'll often see them perched at the manual brew bar asking questions of the many knowledgeable and helpful members of the Origin team.

A Place To Learn About Coffee

It's perhaps this element of education and exposure that makes Origin so special. It seems to play an important role in many of the things they do. You can visit Origin and watch a talented coffee professional brew you a coffee in pretty much any method you'd like, from espresso to an Aeropress. If you're so inclined, you can even take a course, from short introductions to full professional training, while learning from people who really know their coffee. This is why you'll find many people who came through Origin in other coffee businesses here in Cape Town.

Perhaps even more importantly for us, Origin also provides wonderful opportunities to learn through the coffee itself...

Origin's Coffee

Having been established in 2005, back when Cape Town didn't have a speciality coffee industry, Origin has had the time to build scale, deep experience and important sourcing relationships. These resources allow them to bring in an unmatched variety of coffees from around the world, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality. This means that every couple of months, there's an entirely new batch of single origin beans to try, each having been carefully profiled and skilfully roasted by Origin's roasting team. Origin also undertakes to create a new espresso blend for each season, made up of some of the fantastic coffees they have found.

You can learn a lot about coffee just by making sure you try every one of Origin's offerings for a year - we certainly have learned a lot that way. In addition to the sheer variety of aromas, flavours & bodies, you'll also get to learn a little about the coffee's origins, processing and roast - information that we do our best to share in detail on each Origin coffee's product page here on the site.

With all this knowledge and experience to share, it's not surprising that some people (including us) like to call Origin the 'Grand Daddy' of speciality coffee in Cape Town.

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