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Sanyo Sangyo Cafec Coffee Tools Logo

Cafec is a Japanese company that manufactures a unique pour-over brewer: the Cafec Flower. It may not be as big of a name as is compatriot, Hario, but at the very pinnacle of specialty coffee, including on the world competitive stage, Cafec has really started to make its mark. The Flower Dripper has been spotted on many winning sets, and so has started to capture the attention of brewers all over the world.

A part of the Sanyo Sangyo corporation, Cafec also has significant experience in manufacturing paper filters. Shigeji Nakatsuka, Cafec's founder and CEO, prefers to emphasise the role of the filter paper in creating a great cup of pour-over coffee, which is why they produce a range of proprietary filters for the Flower Dripper that have been individually designed to suit specific types of coffee. This is a unique innovation in the pour-over space, and we are excited to have some of their specialised filters available to purchase and use with the Cafec Flower (or other similar-shaped brewer).