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Legado Coffee Roasters

From the Portuguese word for 'legacy', Legado is an aptly named coffee roastery. It was founded by a group of friends who spent 10 years finding just the right moment and just the right way to begin their adventure in coffee. That moment came when they managed to track down and inherit what may well have been the first Diedrich roaster in South Africa - a business that itself has a long history of making top quality machines - so you could say legacy was part of the brand's birth.

Perhaps more importantly, creating a strong legacy is a guiding principle in what they do every day. Anyone who lives in or near Stellenbosch can tell you that they've made an important mark on the winelands' coffee culture. Their commitment to pursuing excellence in coffee has also helped them build a reputation far beyond their home on Rosenview farm. In a short time, they've more than earned their spot within the ranks of the top artisan coffee roasters in the country.

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