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Load Shedding - How To Make Coffee Without Electricity

Loadshedding - Making coffee without electricity

So, you want to know how to make coffee during load shedding. Power outages are becoming a more common occurrence and we need to plan for these eventualities. At this point, most of us have contingency plans for wifi, work, food and entertainment when there is no electricity, so let's make a plan for coffee!

Making coffee generally requires power for two things, heating water and grinding coffee beans. With electricity being such a precious and uncertain commodity at this time, we have put together a collection that looks at how to make coffee when the power is out. We have solutions for heating water and grinding coffee beans during load shedding as well a few popular manual coffee makers that don't require electricity. 

With a butane burner, a manual grinder, a thermometer and the right coffee maker, you can make coffee with all the attention to detail you would have with any premium coffee set up at home, even when there is no power.