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NORMCORE Coffee Tools Logo

NORMCORE's goal is simple: to bring beautiful and high-quality coffee tools to the home user as well as the professional barista. When the founders of NORMCORE noticed the disparity between the quality of tools made for professionals and those readily available on the consumer market, they stepped in to fill the gap. NORMCORE's products are designed not to be simple cogs in the coffee-making machine, but to be tools crafted with intention, thoughtfully selected by you to be a part of your process. NORMCORE first gained notoriety with the spring-loaded tamper, an innovative product that allowed more consistent and precise tamping of espresso pucks. Since then, and with that product entering its fourth iteration, the line of available NORMCORE products has expanded to include a wide range of portafilters and their own wire distribution tool for espresso. No matter how you take your espresso, if you're looking for tools that will improve your coffee and are simply a pleasure to use, NORMCORE has you covered.