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Coffee Bean Blends

Very often the coffee beans that we buy do not come from a single region or farm but are a blend of various beans with differing characteristics. While single origin beans are becoming more popular among lovers of coffee, many people will still prefer a masterfully crafted blend.

With single origin coffees, roasters are typically trying to accentuate a natural characteristic of that particular bean. With a blend on the other hand, the roaster is typically trying to combine different beans that will complement each other beautifully and make for a perfectly balanced cup. Many blends will include beans from very different parts of the world, each selected for the characteristic that they will contribute to the final product.

For those that are looking for a delicious and consistent cup of coffee, a blended coffee may be the right way to go. That is why most cafes and restaurants tend to work with blended coffees. Below you'll find some shining examples of what can be achieved by blending different coffees!