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Tampers & Tamping Mats

A tamper is a rather unassuming piece of equipment. Its simplicity contrasts with some of the more intricate pieces of espresso equipment quite sharply, but that doesn't mean it isn't essential. Espresso begins and ends with extraction, and the tamper is a key tool for optimising extraction. Using a tamper (correctly) ensures consistent compression in your coffee puck, which reduces channeling and promotes even puck-saturation.

Just because this is a relatively simple process doesn't mean all tampers are the same either. Subtle variations in handle material, shape or weight can make all the difference based on your personal tastes and even individual biomechanics. Some tampers incorporate additional technology to help make the tamping process even more consistent.

Whether you're just looking for something simple, high-quality and reliable, or something a little more elaborate, you're sure to find what you're after here. If you need help choosing, feel free to contact us so that we can help.