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Coffees For Bean To Cup Machines

On this page, you'll find a selection of coffees that we think work well in bean to cup coffee machines. This is based on our own experiments, as well as recommendations from our roasters and our customers.

In a broad sense, bean to cup coffee machines make espresso-style coffee, so many coffees that work as espresso, tend to work in a bean to cup. However, bean to cups give you less control over the extraction than espresso machines, and generally use lower doses and don't extract quite as efficiently. This means that to get a good extraction, you need a certain amount of roast development, to ensure the coffee is soluble enough for this method.

We also recognise that most bean to cup machines are used primarily to make milk-based beverages rather than black coffees. This also lends itself to "darker" roasts that will provide enough body and flavour to cut through milk.

We've used all these factors to come up with this set of recommendations. Of course we can't guarantee that you will enjoy every one of these coffees in your bean to cup machine - there is still a broad variety of flavours and profiles - but this is a good place to start!