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Voodoo Badass Coffee

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Voodoo is a new and unique coffee venture that is shaking things up on the South African coffee scene. They have sourced three different coffees which are roasted and blended to two different taste profiles, each profile intended to highlight unique flavours and appeal to different tastes. Whether you want to put your feet up and enjoy something with a little more delicacy to it, or you want something to kick you into action, Voodoo has something for everyone.

Voodoo's blends are made up of three carefully selected coffees: a washed blend of Catuai and Typica from Mexico, a washed blend of Typica and Bourbon from Papa New-Guinea and a naturally processed specialty grade Robusta from India. These three coffees allow for a balance of complexity and sweetness from the Arabica coffees with the fullness and body of a Robusta to offer intensity and flavour in various measures.