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Rancilio Filter Basket

Espresso Filter Basket 58mm

R 105.00

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These espresso filter baskets are made by CMA, the manufacturers of both the Wega and Astoria ranges of espresso machines. They are designed to fit virtually any standard 58mm portafilter, particularly those machines that use an E61 or Astoria group head. The single basket is intended for a 7g dose and the double a 14g dose, but you will likely be able to fit a bit more than that, depending on the coffee you are using and how you tamp.

Choose these baskets to work with any espresso machine we supply including Wega, Expobar, Rocket, La Marzocco and Rancilio.

Please note that these baskets have a "ridge" to be held in place by a portafilter spring.

Please note that these baskets will not work on machines that use a pressurised portafilter such as Breville, Russell Hobbs, Delonghi and other kitchenware brands.